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Sigma Office Ltd


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IT Consultancy

Expert IT Advice to ensure maximum benefit from your existing or planned IT Systems, helping move you forward.

IT Support

Our technicians are ready to assist you with any IT problems you experience, whether software, hardware or network.

Server Support

Server Support, Design, Installation and Monitoring, ensuring your services remain running at optimal performance.

Computer Repair & Maintenance

Regular servicing of your computer prevents overheating, secures vulnerabilities, and ensures optimal performance.

Home User Support

Our IT Services reach out to home users offering trusted independent advice on IT Solutions and Computer Issues.

IT Security

Protecting you and your customers against viruses, worms, malware, hackers and security vulnerabilities.

Data Backup and Recovery

Prevention of data loss is key, we have multiple backup solutions to assist you, but if you have lost data, we can help there too!

Networking and Telephony

Home or Business Network Installation and Solutions including Networked Data Storage, Remote Working and VOIP Telephony.

Web-Sites and Hosting

Domains, Hosting, Design and Implementation with e-mail services including Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes.